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  • 職稱: 副教授
  • 學歷:  M.D. (Medicine), National Taiwan University;Ph.D. (Biochemistry), Michigan State University
  • 辦公室: 圖資大樓 六樓 R645 室
  • 電話: 886-2-28267119
  • Email:  這個 E-mail 地址已經被防止灌水惡意程式保護,您需要啟用 Java Script 才能觀看
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  • 研究領域--以蛋白質後轉譯修飾基與蛋白質複合體分析技術為基礎的轉譯醫學研究
  • Biomarker research: Identification of plasma protein modifications as biomarkers of major human diseases, such as cancers and chronic diseases
  • Drug discovery research: Identification and characterization of protein complexomic changes responsible for pathogenesis of diseases, such as cancers and viral infections
  • Drug discovery research: Application of proteomics methods to development of pharmacodynamics assays
  • Drug discovery research: Development of mass spectrometry-based platforms for characterization of protein therapeutics
  • 研究著作
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