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職稱 副教授;生醫產業博士學位學程主任;副教務長
學歷 M.D. (Medicine), National Taiwan University; Ph.D. (Biochemistry), Michigan State University
辦公室 圖資大樓 六樓 R645 室
電話 886-2-28267119
Biomarker research:
(1)  Identification and verification of plasma protein modifications as biomarkers of major human diseases. Examples include markers for ovarian cancer and breast cancer.
(2) Identification and verification of plasma protein complexes as disease biomarkers. Recent major progresses include markers for lung cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and more.
Biomarker research:
(1)  Development of cocktail therapy for infections caused by viruses, such as enterovirus 71, influenza virus and hepatitis B virus.
(2) Protein signature changes in pharmacodynamics assays will be identified and verified using cell architecture-based protein interactomics.

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